Hot Stars December 2022 Horoscopes with Astrologer Helen Kaye Watts


Big friendly giant Jupiter returns to your sign this month, Aries. So no wonder you’re already racing towards 2023 arms wide open yelling ‘Gimme, gimme!’. Just be aware in your haste to kick-start all that scorching new year potential, that your ruler Mars is retrograde in your house of communication. Foot in mouth syndrome could trip you up and leave you without a leg to stand on. Check your impulse, Aries. At least until mid-January. What’s hot however is you. Jupiter’s return to your sign until May wants you to big up that image, appearance, style, personal bandwidth or brand. On-line or off. Make any changes. Go for bold not basic. You’d be surprised at who or what takes notice as a result. And if anyone tells you that the world doesn’t revolve around you, what you attract proves them oh-so-wrong.


Just who or what adds that special, priceless element to your life will be very much in focus this holiday season. These are the gifts which keep on giving year round. But if something has turned into all take and no give-back, this is highlighted for you as well. Make sure this is fa-la-la-la-la and no fa-la-la-NO!! Whether you have been super-aware of it or not, you have been in the process of closing off one long term cycle to begin another these past two years. This month could see some final decisions made which determine your future for the next 19 years (no pressure, Taurus!). These may or may not involve a significant other or your ambitious around a personal goal. Sure, you may abandon yourself to the festive spirit for now and defer action until the new year. But something is settled in your mind one way or another.


Act in haste, repent at leisure. That’s the message behind retrograde Mars creating a lot of wheel-spinning and not a lot of traction in your sign, Gemini. This may make you so frustrated or determined to make changes you leap before you have looked at all the possible consequences. Just like heaven, action can now wait. And you’ll most likely get a better result if you do. Especially around partners. Yes, that new boo may be oh-so-smokin’ right now and the mistletoe is calling. But by January they can have turned from hot to not. Go for the slow burn instead. You have a five month window opening at the end of December for serious goal attainment. Don’t waste your energy on anything that doesn’t have staying power. And take it your desire to stop grinding your gears may mean you can’t recognize what does or doesn’t. Just kick back and enjoy the holiday spirit instead.


 Upgrade those ambitions as you deck the halls, Cancer. This doesn’t just include those professional ones but who you may see yourself with in ‘23. This month hands you your yearly partnership peak which will take you on into the new year. Asking what you want from love is part of that. As it being grateful for the love you already have. New love? With Mars retrograde in your 12th and Mercury in retroshadow in your 7th of all double acts and dynamic and dramatic duos, do resist the lure of cuffing season. Past loves or partnerships may feature. And if someone does steal into your DM’s wanting a little ho-ho-ho reunion, do ensure this is fuelled by something other than just holiday sentimentality. And also apply the same rule to yourself before hitting ‘send’ to that former boo. By all means, extend the spirit of goodwill to all – that includes that ex for which you still hold that torch. But it’s also a time of new beginnings. Start again from there – or not at all.


Right up until December 21 you are in your yearly pleasure peak, Leo. At your most sparkling and also at your most giving. Do please ensure that generosity isn’t lavished on those who don’t appreciate it. Or causes you to break the bank in showing your love. Seeing as you are at your most expressive, outgoing and optimistic, you also really don’t do Grinch-like negativity either. So do choose your company wisely during this time as chances are that golden, glowing openness can be swiftly replaced by you channelling the Ghost of Christmas Future – in full grim-reaper mode. Especially when it comes to people who are emotionally withholding or who treat positivity as if it were a scarce resource. This applies to both friends and family. Above all, see the year out with a big plan for ‘23. Something that makes you go further, experience more, explore or blaze a trail. And know this is more than simply a resolution. It’s what you will make happen.


Ruler Mercury is slowing in your fabulizing 5th of parties, romance, creative self-expression and children. It will enter full retrograde on December 29. There’s a Back to the Future feel to the holiday for you as a result. Many of you may be returning home to where you spent your childhood. Or simply reminded of it. Mercury wants you to let your inner child out to play. Especially if you have been doing too much adulting lately. Maybe it’s time to recapture a little wonder for yourself and give yourself the gift of the kind of joy you used to feel at this time of year. Of course, if we have children or those younger than us this is the perfect excuse. But do you really need one to go buy yourself that Lego set if that’s what you really wanted Santa to bring you? You know the answer. With all this retroactive vibe however it’s not the time for new loves but old ones can appear. As can those hobbies, pastimes or what made this time special for you. Maybe you need to give yourself the gift of the spirit of holidays past which might have been lost. Remember – acting in the present is a gift. Which is why they call it the present.


Jupiter is back in your zone of long term loves, partnerships, marriage like a visit from Fat Cupid in a red suit which lasts five months long. There’s an element of missed loves, second chances and opportunities around this if you are single. That second time around could even be the re-emergence of a career opportunity for others as this is the house of mutually beneficial working relationships and business partners too. If something between you and another stalled earlier in the year, this month could see it pick up momentum again. As could those long term plans of yours. Far far away factors will also feature. That love of a place, person or culture. That potential collaboration or fellow traveller on life’s adventure. If you’ve been punching well below your weight you flex those love muscles and aim for the big leagues. It’s not others who have underestimated you and all you have to offer. It’s you, Libra. So, shower yourself with the gift of self-love before you send it elsewhere.


Sorcery or nice? Or simply both, Scorpio! Words are spells. What you say, share, send out as power. That is why they call it ‘spelling’. I could say be careful what is on that holiday wishlist – you may get it. Ancient ruler Mars remains retrograde in your 8th which adds up to anything you agree to having that ability to transform on more than one level. Resurrections can occur too as something you thought had flatlined, revealed to have a still beating heart. Perhaps even for you. Do watch for profound, intimate and far-reaching change around the time of the full Moon on the 8th. There is no turning back from the choices you make – one way or another. You do have an alchemical touch right now. To weave gold lame from straw, salvage what still is valuable and leave the dregs behind or simply no longer hesitate when offered something which may take you outside your comfort zone. For some this may involve saying No when usually Yes would be your response. The magic word which shifts everything. That’s pure sorcery and powerful magic. Get working it.


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Ruler Jupiter’s return to your fabulous 5th keeps that party going long after the Sun leaves you sign. All the way until May in fact. What are you doing to attract, stand out, be seen and work those incredible talents? This isn’t just about romance – although it can be. But of falling in love with your own life and all that makes you – well, you! Do be aware that Mars remains retrograde in your partnership zone and is conjunct the full Moon in here on December 8. This is about to show you whether or not love is still fit for future purpose. Expect one particular double act, dynamic or dramatic duo, duet or duel to be thrown into the spotlight as a result. And if this is date night, do remember the words of the wise woman. I’m talking about Cher here. ‘Women get all excited over nothing – and then they marry him.’ Of course substitute the gender identity here that works for you. But the message remains the same. And a good one. With five months of wow factor attraction at your disposal you can afford to take your time. And be picky about it. And why shouldn’t you considering you’re the whole package, Sag.


Happy birthday to all sea goats out there. May your cornucopia be overflowing at last! Many of you have walked a rocky road when it comes to partners, your deepest and most personal hopes and ambitions, these past years. And the good news is that testing period of your life is finally reaching an end. Next year sees Pluto move out of your sign and it will be gone for good after 2024. See this new cycle as a chance to reawaken your personal power and your belief in all you can achieve. And if you still doubt yourself or even what I say, then do look back – as far as 2008, to see just how far you’ve come in that time. You have been forged in the fires of transformation. The Sufi poet Rumi wrote a lot about this process. If you have not read his works, I suggest you gift yourself them. Or re-read them again if you have. They will show you the shining path you have been along and all the potential which is now awakened within you. I could say the best is yet to come. Watch how Pluto opens the vault doors to attraction and what ‘rich’ means from March onwards. For now, just celebrate. You’ve earned it.


The Now Age of Aquarius is coming in 2023. Expect massive personal shifts within which will be reflected in your outer world. Gratitude and contentment should be your focus for now however. Especially when it comes to friends, groups, networks, associations and the people who surround you. Your annual social peak lasts up until the 21st when the Sun enters your 12th. You may then feel the pull towards more something deeper and more spiritually satisfying. Don’t whatever you do rush or try to be everywhere at once and all things to everyone at the same time. As you’ll end up frazzled and burned out if you do. Delegation is your key and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Along with this comes a focus on what you need to take with you into the new year and what you have now outgrown. Use your energy as a guide here. When you think about that person, situation or even a goal, does it light a fire inside you? Or do you feel it dim or even snuff out? That’s your key to sorting out what needs to stay or go. Give yourself the gift of taking time to sift through this. The recharge you’ll feel is simply a perk.


Your holiday, your way. Well, it would be nice if you got the gift of that, wouldn’t it, Pisces? Some of you may well. Your rule of thumb for ho-ho-happiness is to make merry with as big a mix of people as you possibly can. Family or who you consider family. If you are aware of long standing family issues which always flare up after too much festive spirit, you may want to try and limit the time you spend with them. Uncle Ralph’s non-woke rants, that old chestnut question as to why you aren’t married yet or have failed to produce a grandchild. That unfair comparison with a sibling or relative who is always held up as the epitome of success, but who never offers to help clear up the dishes? The reason I am telling you to try to aim for celebrating your way with your chosen ones is that this year may provoke you into saying something not exactly in the spirit of goodwill in reply. If you want to have yourself a merry little Christmas, do it on your terms, Pisces.


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