The Mane Men: Malibu’s New Hair Gurus Jonanthan Colombini and Andrew Kyle

Malibu has always been known as the mecca of the luxurious coastal lifestyle, and now, with the additon of not one, but two new celebrity stylists Jonathan Colombini, and Andrew Kyle, “Malibeauty” has hit a whole new level. The dynamic duo has amassased a loyal global following for their star studded styling and  sat down with 90265 Magazine recently to give us the 411 on how they create great hair.


“The evolution of hair extensions has been in motion for decades. From wigs, to clip-in & the ever changing permanent extensions. Varying in lengths, colors and textures; Solid colors to a rooted ombré, offering some sassy bobs, mid-length 90’s mood and even longer lengths with a sun kissed Malibu beach vibe. This is a lot to think about and decide on. Am I right? That’s when I come in as an extension specialist to not only suggest what lengths and colors would compliment you,  but to narrow in on the type of method best suited for you! When I started my career almost twenty years ago,  extensions have always been a passion and I have stood by one simple belief when speaking of my craft:  The integrity of your natural hair takes front seat to any wish of your dream hair. I am confident the method of hair extensions I do will preserve and protect your natural hair and this is why I have added it to my list of salon services.

With any kind of hair extensions, the color blend from your real hair to the extension weft is extremely important.

“I am confident the method of hair extensions I do will preserve and protect your natural  hair…” – Jonathan Colombini

With any kind of hair extensions the color blend from your real hair to the extension weft is extremely important. Im thrilled to have 6 different colors to offer. From the darkest of brunettes to the blondes of blondes. Within the collection of 6 there are variations of a rooted darker weft transitioning into a lighter end to match your natural color. 

The best part of it all is the 100% human hair I use can be colored or highlighted to custom. Being this hair last for so long I would never expect any client to not be able to have the freedom of changing hair color as we do when the seasons change. This is very important. I give my clients the option for change as well as educate on what is the best for them. I’m thrilled to have my amazing master colorist Andrew Kyle working next to me for his expertise in creating the perfect color match. Working closely from consultation day to service day. We pride ourselves in delivering only the best to our clients!

Jonathan Colombini 310.717.9875  Instagram: @jonathan_colombini


My number one goal for creating the perfect color is to create a custom tone that compliments each clients best features.

Everyone has their idea of the “perfect” color. Something to keep in mind is that the perfect color on one client might not be the perfect color on another. So many things go into play when approaching the perfect end result. Therefore, it’s my goal that each client feels as though they’re getting a custom color that’s been created just for them. 

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Andrew Kyle’s specialty is creating rich textures and tones as well as color correction.

 “I love creating a look that resembles as if you’ve spent every day of summer at the beach.

A lot of colorists have a signature look. I love creating a look that resembles as if you’ve spent everyday of summer at the beach. By doing this, I highlight the outer shell of the hair leaving your natural root intact throughout the interior to use as a natural lowlight and make whatever lighter tone we choose to highlight you with pop even more. Sometimes less is more by creating bright pops in the right places. It doesn’t always have to be a full head of foils to create a sunkissed bright blonde.

Andrew Kyle 818.671.8892   Instagram: @andrewkyle


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