The Butterfly Effect – Letter From the Editor in Chief Cece Woods

Just as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, like many of you, I came out of the COVID19 lockdown with a new perspective on life. This re-wiring of the brain (so to speak), in turn, created a new reality for me. A seismic shift in priorities and the realization that there is much more to life than I have been living.

While that served me well breaking global stories, affording me tremendous opportunities and powerful relationships in my career as an investigative journalist, the pandemic – and its subsequent lockdown – provided an awakening, urging me to spread my wings beyond the confines of our beloved community.

Watching the global response to the death of George Floyd was a true activists wake-up call of how powerful the actions by a single person can affect change locally, nationally and beyond. It was also the inspiration behind the theme of this issue. Executive Editor Tammy Arlidge explains the phenomenon in her article The Butterfly Effect – Embracing a Concept in a Chaotic World: Small Occurrences Can Create a Vast Outcome followed by Contributing Lifestyle Editor Ema Schultz’s 12 Protests That Prove You Can Change The World With Activism.

Watching the economic devastation as a result of COVID19 was reminiscent of the 2008 financial crash and was the motivation behind the article “From Chaos to Opportunity: Lessons in Brand Building During a Crisis”. Unsettling change can be a breeding ground for creativity if you are open to pivoting and pursuing anew passion, which is exactly what the pandemic did for me. Profoundly grateful for the people who have contributed to each issue of 90265 Magazine, creating a publication rich with insightful journalism and purpose, it is time to make the leap beyond our 27 miles of coastline. So,“We’re going back to our roots. We’re going back to Cali” – creating our new media platform, CALI MAG showcasing the true, authentic California lifestyle. I hope this time has been inspirational for you as it has been for so many featured in this historical issue.

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