“I’m Not A Robot” Exhibition at Andaz West Hollywood Through June 28th

Andaz West Hollywood has announced an exciting new partnership with Argentinian contemporary artist Fernanda Lavera, unveiling her highly anticipated solo art exhibition titled “I’m not a robot” in Los Angeles.

This unique event will take place at Andaz West Hollywood’s registered art gallery, showcasing Lavera’s vibrant artworks. Her collection draws inspiration from her daily life experiences and challenges, sparked by a moment when she encountered a human verification test on her computer.

Lavera’s exhibition showcases her signature style, characterized by eccentric shapes and vivid colors. It invites viewers to pause and engage with her artistic protest against the rapid pace of modern life. Departing from her usual large-scale canvases, “I’m not a robot” will present four smaller paintings arranged as a cohesive puzzle. Lavera integrates elements of pixelation, QR codes, and verification processes into her art, blending these technological motifs with traditional artistic expression to create a space for contemplation, interaction, and human connection.

Andaz West Hollywood, renowned for its history as an eclectic gateway to West Hollywood, provides an ideal backdrop for Lavera’s exhibition. The hotel’s vibrant atmosphere and artistic legacy, hosting legendary rockers in the ’60s and ’70s, complement Lavera’s innovative approach to art. Lavera’s rise to fame began with her unique artistic technique and profound message, catching the attention of influential figures like Greg Schriefer and Clive Davis, who have actively supported her career. This collaboration promises to be a captivating fusion of art and hospitality, inviting guests to experience a thought-provoking display during their stay on the iconic Sunset Strip.

For those seeking an enriching artistic experience or learning more about Lavera’s “I’m not a robot” exhibition, further details can be found on Andaz West Hollywood’s website at www.andazwesthollywood.com. Fernanda Lavera’s boundary-pushing artworks continue to challenge conventions, offering a platform for introspection and connection amidst the bustling landscape of contemporary society.

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The highly anticipated art exhibition will showcase Lavera’s artworks from her “I’m not a robot” collection on view from April 4 to June 28, 2024.

The Andaz West Hollywood is located at 8401 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069.

Photos courtesy of The Andaz West Hollywood

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